- The IAM's new scientific experiment reveals bad driving reduces attractiveness by 50%.

- 4 in 5 women and nearly half of men are physically turned off by bad driving.

- Pulse rates increase by as much as 20% when watching bad driving, showing significant levels of stress. 

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RIDING or driving while wearing earphones has been banned in France.

The new rules prohibit the use of any headset capable of emitting sound, including music and phone calls, with a penalty of a €135 (£95) fine and three licence points.  Exceptions include hands-free speakers that are fitted to the helmet and don’t go in the ear, which are still permitted according to the French news website Numerama.

Drivers can still make hands-free calls using systems that don’t involve a headset.   Hearing aids can still be worn and emergency services can still use hands-free headsets.  The rules were published by the French government at the beginning of July and are now in force.

This report shows clearly that preparing for and taking the IAM Advanced Motorcycle test bring positive and lasting benefits for motorcycle riders. The vast majority of people who take our courses say it makes them feel safer, more confident, more attentive, more observant and more decisive in their riding.

By doing so it also adds to their enjoyment on the road. IAM bikers report smoother progress and a much more conscious approach to their on-road behaviour. 61% of those surveyed even said that they had avoided being involved in an accident since they passed the test. Awareness of other road users including pedestrians and cyclists was raised as was knowledge of hazards and difficult conditions. 81% of those who had taken our training passed on what they had learned to friends or family and would recommend us.

Improving the safety image of motorcycling is a key component in promoting its role as a solution to congestion and other transport problems. It is clear that the IAM approach works but we need the support of central and local government, the emergency services and other agencies to promote our message to as many bikers as possible.

Download the IAM summary - http://www.iam.org.uk/images/stories/policy-research/evaluation-adv-motorcycling.pdf

BBC News recently published an article confirming that motorists with points on their UK driving licence may need to take important action to obtain a code before hiring a car abroad.

From 8th June the paper counterpart of British driving licences is being computerised, meaning they will eventually be phased out and no longer valid for use.

Before going abroad, motorists with points on their licence will need to log on to the DVLA website to obtain a code, which only lasts 72 hours, which will confirm to the vehicle hire company what your endorsements are. For those who do not have internet access, a phone number will also be made available.

It was confirmed that the code is not an official requirement and this requirement will depend on the individual hire company's terms whether or not it is required, some company’s may still accept the paper counterpart – but it is certainly worth asking the vehicle hire company in advance what they require.

Click here to see the BBC news article from April 2015 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32481382

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