BBC News recently published an article confirming that motorists with points on their UK driving licence may need to take important action to obtain a code before hiring a car abroad.

From 8th June the paper counterpart of British driving licences is being computerised, meaning they will eventually be phased out and no longer valid for use.

Before going abroad, motorists with points on their licence will need to log on to the DVLA website to obtain a code, which only lasts 72 hours, which will confirm to the vehicle hire company what your endorsements are. For those who do not have internet access, a phone number will also be made available.

It was confirmed that the code is not an official requirement and this requirement will depend on the individual hire company's terms whether or not it is required, some company’s may still accept the paper counterpart – but it is certainly worth asking the vehicle hire company in advance what they require.

Click here to see the BBC news article from April 2015 -

iam roadsmart